How We Met

Fall 2011

Jason, me and my cousin Johnny at the BYU Hall of Fame Event. October 2012, a few months before we started dating.

Jason, me and my cousin Johnny at the BYU Hall of Fame Event. October 2012, a few months before we started dating.

Jason and I first met in the Fall of 2011. Jason had been given a reprieve from the Special Forces which allowed him to pursue a graduate degree. He chose to get his MBA at BYU in Utah.

We met shortly after he moved here, when a group of our friends went to see a movie. We were both immediately drawn to each other, but didn’t get the chance to go out just the two of us.

I had a couple of boyfriends during this period of time when we were friends, but always wondered about Jason. Jason says ‘he immediately wanted to ask me out, but got the impression I was “off limits”‘, from his close friend and roommate Johnny (who happened to also be my protective older cousin).

Jason and I were friends for about a year or so, going on frequent group trips together, and having a lot of fun with our group of friends.

Eventually, two of my friends started saying “Jason has a thing for you.” “No he doesn’t,” I said. “Ya he does,” they said. Jason’s buddy, Chris, started telling him the same thing and telling him that he should take me out. With encouragement from our friends, Jason asked me out on a date.

First Date

March 1st, 2013

We went on our first date on March 1, 2013. Jason keeps insisting it was before that, but I’m pretty sure it was in March? Jason had a formal West Point military dinner in Park City, and asked me to go with him. We hit it off from the second he picked me up. He was so perfect. He showed up with his car washed and detailed. He had a bottled water, my favorite soda and even a little cupcake in the car for me. I mean, seriously? How adorable is that? Jason opened every single door for me (and still does). Jason is the ultimate Southern gentleman, and swept me off my feet like no other. 🙂

Our Adventures

Jason and I in Iceland

Jason and I in Iceland

Jason and I just seemed to click. After going out a couple of times, we started to spend more and more time together. Our first big trip together was in April 2013. We both love to go on adventures, so when Jason asked me if I wanted to come with him on a road trip to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, Las Vegas and then back home, I didn’t even have to think about it. We had SO much fun. We have always been able to just talk and talk for hours. We were in the car for hours a day, but time would just fly by. It has always been like that when we’re together.

As we continued dating, everything just seemed to go well. Where I would usually start to get skittish or non committal with other guys, I felt happy and excited with Jason. Things just felt wonderful.

Eventually, Jason had to move to North Carolina, where he lived for a little over a year. We both visited each other, flying back and forth constantly. But as you’d expect, those long 10-11 hour flight schedules became exhausting for both of us. We kept at it, but I can’t tell you how happy I was when he was finally able to move back to Utah.

It was SO good to finally have him here. We got to finally just go out to dinner whenever we wanted, or go to a movie any night of the week. We got to go on some amazing trips together: Seattle, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, San Francisco and Florida. Jason even took me to Iceland for New Years!

Trip to Paris

If you can’t tell already, Jason and I both love to travel. So, when Jason told me that we were going on a trip to Arizona, I got excited and totally believed him. Somehow, Jason managed to blindside me and I didn’t catch on until we were literally about to board the plane for Paris. Read the whole story here.

Our Engagement

April 23rd, 2015

Jason proposing in Paris

Jason proposing in Paris

After five incredible days in Paris, Jason tricked me yet again. I thought he was getting cash for the cab driver, but he had disappeared and was filming everything from a phone booth.

He had a driver come and take me to the fanciest designer shop in Paris to pick out a new outfit.

The driver then brought me to the Isle de la Cite, an island on the Seine River and the “heart” of Paris. Jason was waiting there in a suit and tie. He proposed and I said “Yes!”.

Read the whole story here.

Our Wedding

August 29th, 2015

I have always wanted to get married in the San Diego Temple. I love the ocean, warm weather and sunshine, and I fell in love with San Diego as a little girl. It has been my favorite city ever since I can remember.

Since most people get married in the bride’s home town, I figured a Salt Lake City or Park City wedding would be likely. But Jason knew that I’d always wanted to get married in San Diego and celebrate somewhere near the ocean. He has done everything he can to help make it happen. Jason always does anything he can to make me happy. I cannot believe I am with him and that I get to marry him. I don’t deserve him!

We will be sealed in the temple on August 29th, 2015 at 11:00am. At 5:00 pm that same afternoon, we will have a ring exchange ceremony at Seagrove Park, a grassy cliff right above the beach. We will then head down to an outdoor patio on the lower portion of the park for Hors d’ouvres at 6:00 pm. A dinner reception will follow at 6:30 or 7:00 pm.